Personalized videos for memorable customer experiences

We take videos and commercials to a new personal level

Meaningful videos make meaningful brand experiences


Canvas personalizes videos to make your brand more relevant. This way your video message is meaningful for every of your customers. Connect with all your customer through personalized video, fully customized with Canvas technology.

Design without limitations
Canvas has no limitations,

In effects, style or resolution. You can develop a concept/user experience/video just like you normally would.

Everyone is different
So you need to approach everyone differently,

In the ideal world, you approach each individual personally. Canvas makes this possible. You can color your message with personalized data and preferences. This way, the content becomes even more personal and thus the message even more effective.

The input dictates
All kinds of data are possible.

Canvas works with all sorts of digital input. Whether it is a user-submitted video, image or text. But it is also possible to link Canvas to a pre-existing customer database, weather data or gps information for instance.

Target everybody
Even those waiting for the bus.

Being cloud-based and platform independent, Canvas can deliver images and video messages anywhere, at any time: in banners, mailings, tv ads or outdoors.


Experience is key
Creating digital content is our everyday business.

Canvas is a service from Brandspanking, highly experienced in crafting video and online campaigns for leading brands and clients all around the world.

Quality control
Your message will be crafted skilfully.

We work with a select group of experienced producers, animators, filmmakers and audio technicians professionals to ensure a high quality production.

Sharing is caring
Standalone content.

Content generated with Canvas is suited to be shared online immediately. Personalized images or video can be posted to social media at the click of a button, extending the reach of your message vastly.


Experience what personalized videos from Canvas can do. Below is a use case for a restaurant – for every of their customers a unique video message is generated.

Try the different combinations in the settings below!



Every project is different and every customer has a different goal. We adapt ourselves and our services to your requirements. Because of the system's flexibility and the various possibilities, we can tailor a quote to suit your project.

We will gladly make an estimate based on your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Canvas in three different flavors!

Canvas is available in three flavors for all your projects.


  • Mass-generated
  • Delivered on hard disk or download
  • For videos to be used in mass mail. Suitable for one-off or periodical videos such as newsletters and invitations.



  • Generated on a fixed schedule
  • Available online whenever you want
  • Ideal for online videos that do not need to be delivered immediately. Suitable for online video advertisements with your most recent prices, thank you videos after a new purchase or e-cards.


On demand

  • Immediately generated
  • Available within a few seconds
  • Perfect for online videos that have to be ready in next to no time. Make compelling, creative campaigns or applications that have to be nearly real-time!


Freedom of Canvas

Digital campaigns take on many different sizes. Our unique work flow ensures personalized or custom delivery in any desired flavor without having to redo all the hard work.

Canvas delivers for web, smartphone, broadcast and even ready-to-go dcp for the theatre.

Always enough capacity


Our state of the art private cloud is fully scalable according to your demands. Whether you need thousands of messages tomorrow, traffic is low or growing exponentially. The capacity will be automatically adjusted to your reflect your traffic needs.

70% of the content marketeers are focusing on personalization (Enveritas Group)


67% of all internet traffic in 2014 consisted of video data (Cisco, VNI)


27% increase in the total amount of transferred video data on the internet, every year (Cisco, VNI)


64% of online customers is inclined to buy a personalized offer (Accenture)


Security first


In processing large volumes of (personal) data, it goes without saying that privacy is of utmost importance. Our service can be encrypted and the data is never directly accessible by the user. This way the actual processing and delivery of personal advertisements is fully secure.

Know what is happening

Google Analytics is included in our service by default. This way you can simply track all clicks, which provides a detailed overview of the generated data in a campaign.


If you would like more/other information, do you have specific demands for your statistics or would you like a report during or after a campaign, let us know!

The process

Craft your message the way you are used to with the Agile development method.



Frequently asked questions

Do not hestitate to ask us all your questions!


Can I also make/supply my own content?

Certainly, your own content can be used in our system. However, if you don't have a production team at your disposal, we will gladly put you on the right track. Our specialization lies in post-production and web development. We work with various high-end producers, directors, post-production houses and developers to make every campaign a success.

Where are the videos stored?

Generated videos will be stored in our private cloud by default. We can also set up a connection with your own technical infrastructure or even deliver the created content on a hard disk, depending on your needs.

What type of information can I display in a video?

There are no limitations. All sorts (moving) images or digital data can be used. Think location, weather, time, customer data, CRM data or user input.

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